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2019 The Best Chocolate in the world: 
Fuwan Chocolate let Taiwanese Cacao Beans Shine over the world!

Taiwan local brand Fuwan Chocolate received the The Best Dark Chocolate Overall Winner and World’s Most Awarded Chocolate Brand for the ICA World Chocolate Competition. The total record of 5 golden, 19 silver and 4 bronze awards put Fuwan Chocolate onto the world stage.
Founded by Warren Hsu, first certified chocolate taster in Taiwan, Fuwan Chocolate is a true Taiwanese brand. Not only do they use the cacao beans from Pingtung, they also work with the farmer from the start. We did research and development for a better growing environment with the farmer, they help the farmers improve the farms and also crate a  special fermentation method for producing better and more fresh cacao from the beans.
Fuwan Chocolate uses the “Tree to Bar” model in their production process. They are located in Pingtung, where the weather is suitable to grow cacao beans. They don’t even need to use any pesticide. These Taiwanese cacao beans, from growing, transportation, fermentation to production, are all environmental friendly to our land.  With direct delivery, and no complex transportation in the sky or sea, everything is super fresh and the quality is the best.