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Shopping Guide

Welcome to Fuwan Chocolate! Thank you for supporting Taiwan local chocolate brand. 

Before you order, please read the following shopping guide. If you have other inquiries, please email or call us! Our team members will be more than happy to assist you!

How to buy

1. Register as a Fu Wan Chocolate member

Please click on “Log in” at the top right corner of the home page and then register as member with your basic information. Please fill up correctly for you to receive the chocolate. 

2. Add to shopping cart

 You can add every product you like into shopping cart and pay in the end. 

3. Payment

When you complete the order, you can choose the payment method. After the payment, the system will send a confirmation letter to your email. 

4. Delivery

If you complete the ordering process before 2 p.m. and the payment is confirmed, you will receive the purchase the next day (However, the delivery day will be postponed to the next business day if it falls on a holiday. ) . If you need a special delivery date, please choose a specific arrival time when ordering. 

Payment method

1.    Online Payment

We work with CTBC Bank and it’s safe, reliable and security certified. Please use the system without worries.

2.   Bank Transfer

Please transfer the correct amount of money at bank counter or ATM within 3 days. Our bank account is with Taiwan Cooperative Bank. If you transfer the money from other bank, it may charge your extra fees. It normally takes 1 to 2 days for the process. If we don’t receive your payment within 3 days the system will automatically cancel your order.

3.   Cash on Delivery

The delivery fee varies from your purchase. If your order is less than 2000 NTD, we will charge you 30 NTD for the delivery. If you order more than 2000 NTD, we will inform you the delivery fees when you make the payment. Please make sure you have the correct delivery address, if we can’t deliver to the address you provide, you might need to pay the delivery fess derived from it. If you refuse to pay on delivery, we will blacklist your account and you may not make a purchase with us ever again.


4.   Collect from Our Store

You can also call us to order and make a bank transfer. Then you can collect the order from your physical store. Or you can pay the delivery fees.




To maintain the freshness, we work with T-cat Delivery and the chocolate will be delivered in cold shipping package.

If you buy more than 3000 NTD, the delivery is free.


The shipment will depend on your bank transfer confirmation time. If you order before 2 pm from Monday to Saturday, and finish the bank transfer, we will mail your package on the day. However, if you order later than 2pm, we will mail the package the next day.


From August 28th2017, T-cat Delivery has stopped the delivery service on Sundays. If you have specific package arrival time, please pay attention to your bank transfer confirmation time.




All FuwanChocolate products are under rigid quality control, and we will make sure the package is under 10 degrees Celsius in our professional factory which is at 18 degrees Celsius all year long before we hand over to the delivery company.Please open the package to check the product as soon as you receive it. If there’s anything wrong, please take 5 photos from different angle and send it to us. We will ask the delivery company to come and collect the package and send back to us for examination. And we will resend you the new package. You can’t change or return the package once it’s more than 2 days from its arrival.


The chocolate with cream or contains high percentage of water can be stored in the freezer for 3 months. However, it will gradually lose its taste. The black chocolate can be stored in room temperature lower than 27 degrees Celsius for 18 months.The chocolate with milk, nuts, Sakura shrimp or dried fruit can be stored in fridge for 12 months.


Please allow 5to 30 minutes after you take the chocolate out from the fridge. The chocolate is tastiest when its temperature comes back to around 18 degrees Celsius.

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