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Chocolate is the most enchanting universal language, depicting the wonderful stories of Taiwan Terroir.


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Warren Hsu, founder of Fu Wan Chocolate, is the first chocolate taster in Taiwan to be certified by International Chocolate Tasting Institute(IICCT), London.Led by his passion and outstanding skills, Fu Wan is the first Bean-To-Bar chocolate maker in Taiwan and committed to conveying precious cacao experience to the world. Its Taiwan #1 Ping Tung Chocolate 62% won the Best in Competition Overall Winner as well as 5 Gold Medals in the 2017 ICA Asia-Pacific Competition, marking a glorious milestone in the history of Taiwan cacao industry.


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Sourcing high quality Taiwan cacao locally and premium cacao beans from around the world, Fu Wan specializes in bean-to-bar and tree-to-bar chocolates. It fuses chocolate and Taiwan's signature ingredients to create fresh, delicate and charming new flavors. Since 2017, Fu Wan has won numerous international awards, including ICA and AOC Gold Medals, and earned worldwide recognition for its exceptional effort in propelling the "Oriental Cacao." The first Tree to bar chocolate factory that conforms to specifications of HACCP and ISO 22000 in Taiwan.


- Finest chocolate in the world -

All of the Taiwan Chocolates are made from tree to bar in Fu Wan in Ping Tung county, that means we do the fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding ...all by ourself with the highest quality control and shortest chocolate food milage in the world.  The cacao tree are planted to be the substitution of betel nuts, although they are not organically certified, but are certified no pesticide residue by SGS every year.

- About Fu Wan Chocolate -

The International Chocolate Awards World Final 2019

世界巧克力大賽全球總決選, 五金十九銀四銅

金牌 - 

  • 台灣一號 屏東巧克力62%
  • 台灣 鐵觀音茶巧克力62%
  • 台灣 馬告巧克力62%

The International Chocolate Awards World Final 2018

世界巧克力大賽全球總決選, 二金五銀二銅

金牌 - 

  • 台灣鐵觀音茶巧克力62%
  • 台灣九號雙重發酵粗磨巧克力70%

銀牌 - 

  • 台灣紅玉茶巧克力62%
  • 台灣碳焙烏龍茶巧克力62%
  • 台灣馬告巧克力62%
  • 台灣鹽花白胡椒巧克力62%
  • 台灣黑胡椒巧克力62%

銅牌 -

  • 台灣天皇咖啡巧克力62%
  • 巴布亞紐幾內亞二號70%x台灣芒果
2017   First Taiwan Craft Chocolate Exported Worldwide
2017/2018 ICA Best in Competition Over All Winners
2017   ICA Asia-Pacific 5 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze , Best in Taiwan
2018   ICA Asia-Pacific 5 Gold 6 Silver 5 Bronze , Best in Asia
2018   ICA Asia-Pacific Triple MMM Special Award
2018   First Mandarin Speaker in World Cocoa Conference
2018   Papua New Guinea Cocoa Board Consultant
2018   AOC 2 Gold 4 Silver 4 Bronze, Best in Asia
2018   AOC International Rising Star Special Award
2018   Colombia Arauca Cocoa Board Consultant
2019   AOC 5 Silver 6 Bronze, Best in Taiwan


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