Din Tai Fung

(The photo is from Din Tai Fung Facebook) 


Din Tai Fung is the most famous restaurant for “XIAO LONG BAO” the Chinese dumplings in Taiwan.

Even though nowadays you can get Din Tai Fung in a lot of major cities around the world.

Rumor has it that this shop got the most authentic taste and best variety selection of food.


The restaurant has a modern ambience. In the center of the restaurant,

there’s a see-through window, where you can see all the dumplings being made and carefully prepared.


You should definitely order Xiao Long Bao which is the No. 1 choice in the restaurant!

The outer dim sum skin is very soft but strong enough to keep the soup inside without bursting easily.

Other than that, all the other foods are delicious and customizable for vegan or vegetarian choices.

Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101 is the must-have experience when you are in Taipei.


Fuwan Chocolate


Taiwan local brand FU WAN CHOCOLATE is a new, passionate and innovative Bean-To-Bar chocolate maker.

FU WAN has received more than 50 awards since founded in 2015,

including several gold awards in International Chocolate Awards (ICA) and Academy of Chocolate (AOC),

international rising star, and is named the 10 best chocolate makers in the world.

FU WAN CHOCOLATE is a small batch artisanal BEAN-TO-BAR craft chocolate maker in Taiwan,

delivering the enchanting TAIWAN flavor to the world by awards winning chocolate.

More than 50 awards since 2017, exclusive partner of Michelin starred restaurants,

these achievements are accomplished by their belief – respect the artwork of the mother earth, so called the TERROIR.


FU WAN pay the highest price in the world to local cocoa farmers

for their care to make the best cocoa and the sustainable environment,

ferment the bean with a vision of science, store and age the bean with a spirit of art,

make the chocolate with the desire of god.

FU WAN tell you all the story with the most enchanting language in the world – chocolate.


FU WAN is young, passionate, and innovative, therefore not only the dark chocolates

but also the flavored chocolates are full of revolutionary craft spirit.

The most famous chocolates from them are TAIWAN #9 DOUBLE FERMENT ROUGH GROUND 70% dark chocolate

which tastes like rose champagne with notes of strawberry and apple,


These two world champion chocolates are gonna blow your mind with epoch-making concept and delicacy.


In addition to the chocolates made with original concept and local ingredients,

FU WAN also produces one of the “world’s weirdest” chocolate bars.

It is a chocolate bar made of shrimp, almond and white chocolate.

FU WAN’s first shop outside Pingtung has just recently opened in Taipei 101.

This time, you don’t have go all the way to South of Taiwan (although it’s really worth visiting)!

You can simply buy the world-renowned Taiwan chocolate in Taipei 101.



(The photo is from SunnyHills Facebook page) 


Taiwan is famous for its pineapple cake.

Taiwanese pineapple cakes hold the secret to prosperity, and it’s right in the name.

In the Hokkien dialect of Taiwanese, the word for pineapple, ong lai,

is pronounced the same as the phrase “prosperity has arrived.” 


Among all the Taiwan pineapple cake, SunnyHills established the legacy name long ago

because it uses really pineapple opposed to other brands.

The SunnyHills pineapples are grown in the hills around Bagua Mountain,

which gets year-round sun. It’s all part of SunnyHills’s efforts to promote Taiwanese farming 

and revitalize Taiwanese pineapple industry.


SunnyHills just recently opened their shops in Taipei 101.

If you need to bring back souvenirs and pastries from Taiwan,

you should definitely visit their shops and give the authentic pineapple cake a shot!


TenRen’s Tea  

(The photo is from TenRen's Tea Facebook Page) 


Founded in 1953, TenRen has always operated under the motto of "A Traditional Business Under Modern Management,"

Ten Ren Tea owns and operates five manufacturing plants to incorporate modern technology

into the traditional methods of processing tea leaves. 


For many years, Ten Ren Tea Co. Ltd. has had the reputation of being the premier supplier of

high quality tea and ginseng products. Their sommeliers and experts regularly cup all teas

to grade the leaves from new harvests, ensuring tea quality.  

If you want to truly experience the beauty of Chinese tea, TenRen’s tea will be the spot that you don’t want to miss!


Sugar & Spice

(The Photo is from Sugar & Spice Facebook Page) 


This is the most affordable and popular souvenir shop in Taipei 101.

They are once the designated souvenir by the Taiwan Tourism Festival 2016 and has been voted as

a must-eat snack and top souvenirs in Taiwan.


The popular treats include their nougats. These sweets require a lot of technique to make.

However, Sugar & Spice manages to do a good job and offer the customer variety of options.

Apart from nougats, they have other interesting attractive display of Taiwan pastries and candied souvenir,

you wouldn’t want to miss this stop in the end of your trip!